Jonathan Chertkow

Partner, London

Regarded as “a consumer finance and payments specialist and acts for a range of clients, including commercial and retail banks and FinTech businesses” (Chambers UK 2016) Jon Chertkow works with banks, lenders, payment innovators and retailers to keep on top of regulatory change affecting the banking and payments industry. Using industry and regulatory knowledge built up over more than 12 years working in this sector, Jon helps clients launch new products, establish new operations, carry out compliance audits of their existing business and engage with regulators and customers. Jon also brings his regulatory and industry knowledge to assist clients in entering into strategic outsourcing agreements and M&A activity, including loan portfolio acquisitions and disposals, Part VII banking transfers and card co-branding arrangements.

Jon's sector experience helps him to anticipate the regulatory direction of travel and the operational difficulties that regulation can cause, enabling clients to spot issues early and adopt workable solutions to cut through the mass of often competing regulation. He advises on issues arising under sector specific regulations, including the Consumer Credit Act, the Payment Services Regulation, BCOBS, CONC and MCOB, as well as the impact of unfair terms, consumer rights, data protection and AML in the financial services sector. In addition, Jon frequently works with colleagues around the world to assist clients who operate across jurisdictions in understanding the latest regulatory trends in relevant jurisdictions.